Swedish as a foreign language

AMT Communication is offering tailor-made course packages for you who are going to live and work in Sweden. All of the course materials are written for you and your needs. You will first receive basic knowledge in Swedish and from the very beginning we will tailor the language to fit your job assignments and interests.

We will help you with all practical problems and issues that can appear in the Swedish everyday-life. Learning about everyday- and business culture, based upon your needs, is of course included in the course. We will be there for you, to discuss any issues in or out your workplace.

We can also be a conversational partner and coach for executives in cases where an assignment suddenly may appear and you may be lacking time for preparation. We will initially meet up and have an interview to enable us to find out as much as possible of what type of work you do and therefore find out what type of vocabulary that is of importance for you. We will also be asking questions regarding your interests and area of living etc. Based on the information from this interview we can make the content of your education both personal and relevant.

Special focus on Swedish as a foreign language:

Swedish pronunciation

Do you feel that you are not always being understood when you are speaking Swedish?
Could the reason be your pronunciation?
Do you have a colleague who could do with some help with their Swedish pronunciation? We tailor the education for the needs of the student.

Telephone Swedish

Do you find it difficult to hold a telephone conversation due to not keeping up with hearing and understanding the whole conversation? Are you feeling uneasy answering the phone? Is it difficult to make yourself understood? We will help you to feel confident over the phone.

Business Swedish

When you express yourself in Swedish in a business- or occupational context, it could cost you both money and energy not being able to find the correct phrases or wording. Therefore it is profitable to invest in education.

Technical Swedish

Do you need to read and understand technical manuals?
Are you expected to write technical reports or to explain working procedures in Swedish? We will plan your education based upon your needs which enables you to become more efficient in work and make the process of learning more fun.

Medical Swedish

In this course you will learn useful phrases within medical terminology. You will receive knowledge in how to express yourself both in speech and in writing. The course could also involve reading and understanding medical magazines.

Swedish for pedagogical personnel

You know your subject/topic and you know that you are a good pedagogue, but sometimes you are just lacking/missing the right words. Contact us!

Presentation technique

Will you be holding/doing a presentation? We will amongst other things with the help of rhetoric, assist you in planning and delivering your presentation so that it has the best possible effect. We will also be working with body language and the usage of voice. Practical tips and advices and how to use auxiliary means are obviously included.